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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aku di "TAG"....

Sesi pembalasan TAG kepada kak Yu..btw, thanks ek sis..ehehehe

Do you think you are hot??

Yeah..for sure

Upload your favourite picture

Why do you like the picture??
It's taken on my Engagement Day :p

When was the last time you ate pizza?

Urmmm...18th Nov 2008

The last song you listen to..
Lucky by Colbie Cailat & Jason Mraz....Lurve dis song:)

What name do you prefers besides your?
Fara juz need to change...

People to tag :
1. ata - Penyiasat Unggul
2. kak sri aima
3. paan
4. kak dayu - diiraniangurl
5. kak anis

Who is No 1?
My fiancee's fren

No 3 is having a relationship with..
nak kene letak name penuh ke?ehehehehe

Say something about no 5
My ex-ofismate @ MD..skang ni dh jadi cikgu agaknye...

How about no 4?
She's my buddy..oso ex-ofismate @ MD..dah jadi isteri solehah

Who is no 2?
She's my ofismate - present

::: kak yu..hutang sudah dibayar ek....ehehehehe

1 comment:

cronyz said... 1 tu aku laaa...hehehe