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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


"I don’t want work today..Maybe I just wanna stay..Just take it easy guest it’s NO STRESS"

Love this lyrics so much..It’s kinda related to me so much..d’uh, maybe not only me but same goes to other EMPLOYEEs.


It seems to be the stress week I’ve ever had. Why? Do I have to answer that? Huhuhu. The best answer(s) are WORK & PRESSURE. So, the equation goes like this:



I’ll try my best to overcome this STRESS thingy. I know that everybody knows that stress is not good for your health. I’m getting married soon; hopefully this STRESS thingy would not disturb my mood. If not, “I’ll kill this STRESS”. I have to. There’s no other option. Ehehehe


Work is about a task given by company and you need to accomplish it by the time given. It maybe a stress for you but it’s a super big stress for the owner if the work can not be done.

Example #1

Somehow, you as an employee could feel that there’s something wrong goes somewhere if; A come back from lunch a bit late and the boss get very angry and yelling like crazy. While B, came back from lunch after office hour which is 6pm and walk in front of A.

Rational of the story: bias, unprofessional

Note: B had a relationship with boss.

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