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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What A Day!!!!!!!!!!

Today is Tuesday, 19th October 2010. It's second day of working.

I started my day with period-pain..huhuhu..Though it's hurt, I must make sure that I wake up before 6.30am. I need to prepare Rayyan's thingy and milk for his breakfast.

After sending Rayyan to his babysitter's house and "bye-bye" my lovely hubby, I rushed to office. And there go my day-to-day boring journey. I noticed that my cute WRW a bit stagger, but I juz ignore. Poor me, know nothing about car. All I know, sit in the car-drive-park and go.


Before I enter a roundabout (after Subang Airport), a nice Indian man horn to me twice. There must be something wrong. He shouted from his car, saying that my back tire almost punctured. Later, I stopped my car at Petronas-Subang ( I don't know where actually..hihihi) to check it out.

I made a quick dial up to my hubby's hp no., seeking for his favor help..OF course..(^_^)

Few minutes of waiting in my WRW, the "warrior" came with his WJD. He gave me his WJD key, while he settle the WRW's problem. I continue (again), my boring journey to office with WJD. I bit scared, coz last time I used his WJD, I hit my brother-in-law's car..hihihi

I arrived safely at office around 8.45am...

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