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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Aquarian-Who Am I???

Yesssza..miss blur is an Aquarian..birth on Feb 15..Urmm, actually im not into diz zodiac thingy. But, i can say that it's 99% almost correct.ehehehe..

Well, it's actually too many articles about Aquarius..Diz is a piece of thousands articles:

Ideal Careers group leadership • science and research • astronomy • computer technology, electronics or software engineeringaviation • electronic communication or broadcasting • photography • theater • social servicesprogressive music
Likes friendship, freedom, intellectual stimulation, camaraderie, surprises, companionship, feeling understood, emotional safety.
Dislikes jealousy, possessiveness, control, ego plays, pointless meetings, narrow-mindedness, being ridiculed, routines, fighting/violence, inequality, being taken for granted.

So..feel free to know the AquarianTanny

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