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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jalan-Jalan MyBlur Tengok Wayang on 27th June 2008

Last Friday (27th June 2008), I had accidentally (wut I called) a movie-marathon with my bf. I watched 2 movies; Get Smart and Sepi. It started 8.40pm and finished around 230am. Phewwwww..Such a log night huh!

We had a short stop and take early dinner at Kampung Baru. Actually, we both are very hungry (ehehehe). Even though we had come there for several times I still don’t know what's the place called (ehehehe). My mistakes, coz I don’t care what the place name. What I know is to EAT and what dishes to be filled in my lil' tummy. My fav is ikan bakar plus salad a.k.a ulam with budu + tempoyak. COMPLETE and save my day. Well, I’m not kelantanese but I do. I do adore this fantastic taste of budu. So proud to be Malaysian la.

At first we were thinking to watch Get Smart or Sepi this upcoming Wednesday. Urmm, thinking that's a weekday and thinking that tomorrow is working day (d'uoh) so we decided to watch both movies on Friday. Ideal! such a perfect day, perfect timing and everything is PERFECT.

I can’t wait to watch Get Smart because I had seen the movie preview. It’s an action-comedy movie. From the movie rating, it's not bad actually. As long it can make me laugh. ahahahahaha..I like.

Well, after watch this action-comedy movie I can give B+.

After finished watching Get Smart around 10.30pm, we both chilled out and take a rest at Mc Donald's restaurant. Have a light conversation, chit-chatting about our career, our future, our undecided date of wedding (when ya?!!! have to wait) and bla bla bla bla..Just to fill an hour to watch Sepi at 11.40pm.

We ordered ice Milo, coke and 2 apple pies. Yummy. ehehehehe. More than enough.

Bla bla bla bla..And it's 11.40pm.

Well, this time I’m a lil' bit worry coz I feel very sleepy (my ZZZzzzz time). But when I watched this movie, I had a feeling that is the best Malaysian movie ever than I ever seen. Two thumbs-up for khabir bhatia and mira mustapha (such a loving couple). Umm, bile lagila filem Malaysia nak menang kat Canes??

By the way, I like the poem:

“Bisikku pada bulan,

Kembalikan temanku,

Kekasihku, syurgaku.

Tanpa dia malam menemaniku,

Sepi memelukku.

Bulan, jangan biar siang biar mala mini kelam,

Biar ia sepi sepertiku.”

This movie is much much better than Cinta. Well, it can make me cry. huhuhuhuhu. This film has its own dramatically, emotionally scenes. And, some parts look not make any sense (syyyhhhhh...ehehehe). I give this great movie..A++:p

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